Storage Tips

When storing at Burris Creek Mini Storage we want to provide you with the best packing tips

Start by:
  • Collect packing materials, towels, blankets, and moving blankets to help protect your things from damage.

  • Get used boxes from your local stores, buy them from hardware stores, or consider purchasing storage tubs.

  • Make sure you don’t store any food, perishable items, toxins, or flammables.

  • Use repellants in your unit to help control all types of pests that can accidentally be brought in by renters.

  • Consider a rental policy through your insurance company to ensure your items are covered from damage or loss.
Packing Tips:
  • Fill empty spaces in boxes with packing paper or peanuts to help keep boxes from getting damaged when stacked.

  • Keep like items together.

  • Label boxes on all sides.

  • Clear, plastic containers are great for storage as they allow you to see the contents.
  • Before storing furniture, make sure it is clean. If it is wooden, you can apply oil for added protection, make sure it's dry before storing. Cover items with blankets, plastic, or tarps to avoid moisture from sitting on their surface.

  • Disassemble larger items like tables, bed frames, etc. to maximize space.

  • Bag and label hardware.

  • When stacking furniture, use blankets between pieces to prevent scratching.
  • Use tape over the blankets to hold them in place, do not apply directly to furniture.
  • Take pictures of connections before disconnecting your electronic devices for easy reinstallation.

  • Store in original boxes whenever possible. If it's not available pack items separately in bubble wrap, foam, or towels.

  • Label cords and components with color-coded stickers or tape.
  • Give appliances a good cleaning prior to storing.

  • Leave doors slightly ajar.

  • Protect appliances with moving blankets.
Pictures and Mirrors:
  • Wrap small pictures and pack them vertically in boxes.

  • For larger frames, use moving boxes specially designed for pictures.

  • Always store mirrors and framed pieces vertically, not flat.
Crystal, China, and Glassware:
  • Wrap each piece with paper or bubble wrap.

  • Label boxes in red “FRAGILE” on all four sides.
Clothing, Curtains, and Drapes:
  • Make sure all items are clean.

  • Save space by using dresser drawers.

  • If storing wool items, use cedar chips or mothballs.

  • Storage containers can hold a lot of clothing and be stacked very well.
Moving into your unit:
  • Create a diagram of what you placed where in the unit for future reference. Whenever possible, pack furniture vertically to conserve space.

  • Try to keep an aisle way down the center of the unit so you can access items in the back if needed.

  • Try to keep items needed regularly at the front of the unit.

  • Pack lighter boxes on top of heavier ones to prevent things from settling and falling over.

Storage Tips from Burris Creek Mini Storage

As part of our dedication to being your local self storage expert, we have put together this list of storage tips.

These tricks are sure to improve how you pack your storage unit and keep your items safe at Burris Creek Mini Storage.

If you have any further questions not answered here, please reach out to our team!

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